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I've read many of the well written posts over the past year from John Dillon, Mark Utecht, and Jimmy Brandt, and others regarding their experiences with the Hans Device. I've also read some postings regarding difficulties with using the existing seats, belts fitting in the shoulder area, crossover requirements, pressure from the seat on rear of helmet due to presence of the Hans device, etc.
This raises a some questions that I'd be interested in

I notice that Recaro has brought out a new version of the
ProRacer SPG that is ostensibly compatible with the Hans device.

Has anyone had any experience with this seat in rallying, and in particular, using it with any type of head/neck restraint?

Is it compatible with full 3" width belts or is a reduced width belt required/desirable in the shoulder area similar to the Hans compatible belts from Schroth?

Is there a consensus on the most appropriate version of the Hans Device? Most of the discussion has focused on the Model 20.

A final question. I can't seem to get any information from Peltor
regarding the mods needed to function properly with the Hans.
Anything official from Peltor, or are the Hans users out there modifying their helmets themselves from the pdf file provided with the Hans device?

Best regards,


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Hi Marc,

I have worn a Hans as a co-driver for about 8 events. I wear a Peltor open face and now have new 3" Schroth belts. My seat is an older Cobra.

I took the suggestion from Schroth to cross the shoulder belts and it really helped the belt placement during belt-up.

I have no issues with seat interferance behind my head.

I mounted the helmet anchors myself (in my hotel room at the Sun River Lodge, Maine). I started with the mounting instructions from Hubbard/Downing, then after talking to them and sending them a picture, we (H/D and I)decided to located the mounts about 3/4" back from the standard place. This afforded a better (flatter) surface placement. You will need to shorten the strap length the same ammount.

Like I have said before, wearing a Hans is no problem and I will not be caught without one.


Lee Sorenson

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I'm looking to get the Scroth harnesses with a HANS along with the Sparco S-Light seats.


I'm going to send my Peltor to HANS, as they've told me they'd install the mounts for me. They said I could do it myself, but they also said that they'd be happy to do it for me for very little cost.

Cheers! John
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