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Dear Rally People,

An increasing number of people have been receiving what looks like an order for 15 ALFA rally computers. For whatever reason the order is sent to you, and not to me, despite my being very easy to find via my web site and other advertising. Many of you have kindly forwarded this email to me, and I appriciate this. Every once in a while a customer will make a legitimate mistake.

In this particular case, this is a FRUAD! They tried this last year, and it was a simple stolen credit card deal. Unfortunately international credit cards are sometimes hard to verify, and I did get bitten on one sale before I figured it out. I do sell a LOT of legitimate overseas orders, and the alarms didn't go off in my head quickly enough. They do now!

Mr. Lowe (or whatever his real name is), from Indonesia, has sent this particular request to at least 10 rally people over the past week. They have been forwarded to me, and I have responded to Mr. Lowe directly. If he was for real he would have stopped by now and would be contacting me directly. But, in my letter to him I explain that I can't take credit cards from Indonesia and offer him a great deal on 15 computers as long as he wire transfers the payment in advance. If he was for real this would end the issue as he could use the same credit card at his local bank to complete the transaction. Instead, he continues to ping everyone he finds in the sport. I guess he's looking for someone offering to be a middleman to help coverup or delay discovery of the fraud. I assume he's getting the names from an email list server or web site where rally people have registered. He certainly didn't get them from my computer or website since your email addresses are not in my book and my site doesn't keep any records.

If anyone on this list receives email from Mr. Ange Lowe requesting 15 ALFA-Elite computers - please just delete it.

Rally on,
Mike Friedman

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Please do not post the same thing multiple times. We had to delete all your other threads. It is in our acceptable use policy, please read it. Link is up top to the left.
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