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First, thanks for doing what you do. Without you guys, we'd all get lost in the woods!

Second, I was hoping you could help me identify and price out some radio gear that was uncovered recently during a move out of the Quonset Air Museum, which had to move due to a partial facility collapse. Everything has been safely moved already, however, some stuff can't be moved into a new facility and is being sold to help raise money to find that new facility.

Not sure how to post pics here, but there's a few shots here: http://www.slapdashracing.com/#!for-sale/c9zr Plenty more shots available as well if you're really interested.

Some cool stuff, mostly from Vietnam-era, but some goes back to WWII and Korea.

I'd appreciate any info you can swing my way. Proceeds, after admin fees, go to the museum.

Thanks for looking!


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See if you can find a local chapter of the Commemorative Air Force or other war bird group. They should be able help with the aircraft stuff. See if there is a Collins Radio group in your area. There is here in the Dallas area but then, there is a large Collins Radio/Rockwell International factory/office here. By the way, this group here recently built all new radio equipment for FiFi, the only flying B29. They can help with the radio stuff because a lot of radio equipment was made by Collins. Failing in a specific Collins Radio restoration group, look for your local radio club and see if they can put you in touch with someone. PM me and I might be able to find more information.
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