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>>You'd also be
>>surprised at how many people think that rally is even
>>than my motorcycle road racing days.
>Well ... it may be neck & neck, but until I'm given the OK to
>tackle a rally driver with obvious broken bones to keep him
>from saddling back up and taking to the stage after a wreck
>(like we F&C guys & gals were at the first WERA race I worked
>corners) I'm thinking motorcycle roadracers might just the
>edge us in that lunatic fringe category ...

All you have to do is watch the TT races to realize the open road motorcycle guys are an order of magnitude crazier than us (and some of them are codrivers...). I remember seeing a race where the sidecar got a little too close to a wrought iron fence and peeled his monkey off - fortunately without injury. The end of the clip showed the rider looking back at his partner (who was just getting up) as he entered the next corner.

And K.S. doesn't just race every weekend, he'll do one or more mid-week races as well. He knows how to go sideways on dirt (albeit mostly turning left). BYW, I do agree with his sentiment about hitting walls rather than trees (or rocks, or other cars...)

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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