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>Yeah I believe that was the Michelin(at least it was then)
>Race of Champions 2002, and Marcus was taking Jeff Gordon for
>a ride... and then promptly rolled the car. It is also worth
>noting that at that same event Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson,
>both of which are Nascar drivers, went to win the Nations Cup
>for the USA. It may be pretty boring for most of us rally guys
>to watch, but it isn't as easy as it looks to drive a 3500#,
>poor handling(by racecar standards) racecar at close to 200mph
>inches away from another car for 3hrs straight. Do not be
>fooled, for the most part these guys can drive. I don't
>particularly enjoy Nascar or the Circus that goes along w/ it,
>but I do respect most of their drivers.
>Edited for poor grammer

It is worth noting that Jimmy Johnson really launched his career in Baja racing....
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