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Some observations from the fringe....

Donna and I were fortunate to be the escorts for the Immarsat VIPs who toured the service and production areas at WRC Mexico. The video stuff in particular was pretty cool. As soon as a car comes in the video tapes are downloaded into a massive multi-terrabyte database and the production crews get to work putting together the programs. Certain TV networks/stations (typically national networks) have their own production staff and voice talent, while others buy pre-packaged shows, with or without their own voices, but it all appears to be done right there on the spot. Mexico was a particularly difficult challenge because of the time shift for European TV, since they're working on at least four shows simultaneously -- the daily Fri/Sat/Sun and the overall event, not counting what the others are doing.

It's my guess that Speed would use the same footage whether or not we got it via satellite or tape delayed. I doubt they'd divert the sat costs into additional editing costs.

I'm not in that business, however, so these are just my observations from the fringe.


P.S. As for shipping via internet -- we're talking about huge bandwidth requirements for broadcast quality video, probably not much cheaper and certainly less reliable than dedicated satellite link.
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