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Looking for a co-driver for rally NY.

Obviously tenative at this point until i find a co.

Any help?

you can contact me at [email protected]

Thank you,
Billy Petrow
Broken Motorsports

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Yes, I can help. Here's my help.

Attention Drivers looking for Codrivers!
Please include the following when posting looking for a codriver:

-The name of the rally you're attending, and perhaps the location and web site.
-The dates that we would need to be there.
-What kind of car you'll be driving.
-What kind of driver you are/experience you have.
-What level of competition are you trying to achieve.
-What kind of intercom/odo you have.
-Some hint as to what sort of financial agreement you have in mind.

Those pesky co-drivers love details... you've got to lure them in. ;)

Good luck,

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sorry for not reading or even posting here much, but thank you for the info. I will definitly keep that in mind for next time.

I have a co-driver as of now.

Thanks again.
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