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I request again, as I have done recently on this forum, that
individuals who can provide eyewitness account of the alleged
intrusions on live stages contact me at the telephone number or
e-mail address below.

We have received very little response so far.

I have also promised to issue a comprehensive report and publish it
on this forum next week. This was prompted by several threads on
this forum that insinuated through innuendo and hearsay that there
was non-rally traffic driving freely up and down live stages. This
allegation is not supported by facts assembled so far.

Because of the holidays, I will wait for responses to this request
until midweek. After that time, I will assume that nobody had
any additional information to add. In particular, I do not want to
be confronted with information withheld until after I issue my
report and be therefore accused of hiding anything (it has happened

This is what we know so far:

I reported at the Stewards' Meeting during the event on the
following two intrusions and how we handled them:

1. At the start of the Mathias Weiden stage, a resident ducked out
of his driveway about 1/10th of a mile from the start in the minute
between the cars and left through the start. His driveway is in
full view of the start.
(This is our former local marshal who got disenchanted with us for
something the Town allegedly did to him and did this on purpose.)
We sent a state trooper there and that was the end of it.

2. At the finish of Blind Pond stage on Crystal Lake Road:
This was a misunderstanding. The trooper blocking the entrance to
the Crystal Lake Road was instructed to allow people into the Scout
Camp. The entrance to the Camp was between the road block and the
other road block at the STOP control. A car came, the driver said
he was going to the camp, was let in, but proceeded on the stage past
the STOP control road block allegedly to another entrance to the Camp.
We stopped the stage at two radio points within this five mile stage
and the car was stopped by a marshal at a chicane one mile up the
road. The driver was apprehended by the State Trooper and Deputy
Clerk of the Course.

We have done everything we were supposed to do at that location to
assure safety, including having the road blocked by a State Trooper.
The unfortunate mishap was a result of a misunderstanding.

We are investigating a third incident that was brought to our
attention only yesterday in response to our previous request on this forum.

Ivan Orisek
Clerk of the Course
Rally New York USA
[email protected]

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Ivan called and talked to me yesterday about the two ATVs. Hopefully he'll also talk to Jason who picked up more in his peripheral vision than me.

Note: We did tell the workers at the end of the stage (about 1/4 after the ATVs, who also saw the ATVs) I'm not sure why that wasn't officially noted.

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