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A lot of you commented on the police presence and the alleged speed traps.

That is a misunderstanding. The police were there at our request to help us. Originally, we were asked to pay for part of their overtime.

I want you to know that we received excellent cooperation from the following law enforcement agencies:

Sullivan County Sheriff's Department
Delaware County Sheriff's Department
Orange County Sheriff's Department
Department of Environmental Conservation Police
Town of Lumberland Constabulary
Town of Deerpark Police
New York State Police

They directed traffic at the Rally HQ on Route 42
and in other places on Route 42, and installed an a electric
caution sign south of the entrance to SS 2 and 4.
They closed roads for us at the start and the finish of SS 1 and 3,
at the start of SS 2 and 4, at the finish of SS 7,
at the finish of SS 8, at the hairpin on SS 5, 6, 9 and 10, and patrolled the ATV trails in many palces.

At the debriefing with the Sullivan County Sheriff today, we learned that no traffic tickets were issued by the Department. We will have a similar debriefing with the other agencies.
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