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should get near to Mexico

I confirm the new's "Mexican Rally Corona Mexico's considered as a very high probability to be at the 2003 World Rally Championship" as this page says:

the link: http://www.worldrallynews.com/cgi-bin/viewnews.cgi?newsid1020249791,1250,

Richards backs Mexican bid
May 1, 2002
David Richards, the World Rally Championship?s television rights holder, has stated that he regards the Corona Rally Mexico as a realistic contender for World Championship status in 2003.

Richards wasn?t in Mexico for last weekend?s rally himself, but staff from his organisation International SportsWorld Communicators were and have reported favourably.

?The initial reaction was very positive. There are one or two sporting issues to be addressed, but they?ve got a permanent office of six people, they?ve got the full support of Corona, the beer company, they?ve got the support of the government. We?ve got no qualms about it,? Richards said.

Peugeot was the only works team to participate and has given a complimentary assessment of the rally?s potential. No World Championship rally has yet been held in central America.

so I strongly recomend to american and canadian teams, to get really near to mexican rally championship, so you can now a little bit the way we organize the ralling, to know a little bit of the country, and to compete ion some events so you can used to mexican ralling system, the people, the customs, the competitors, and all aroud rally

Thtere's going to be one NACAM rally called: the 24 Hour Rally, a good option to get near to mexican ralling... :7

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The point is, he only says it is a realistic contender for inclusion. He doesn't say that there will even be an opening. They have to get rid of a rally to add one. Regardless, I do hope it happens.

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