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Rally started for me with a few hints and stories from my dad who is a old motor head. Every now and again he would tell me about how there were these cars that drove real fast down little tiny mountain roads. I of course didn't belive him... after all who would be insane enough to drive on those little twisty dangerous roads!

Where I come from ther are alot of Subaru Loyale 4x4 waggons, and early on I dreamed of making one into a super sleeper by putting a BMW v12 in the back coverd by a fake hay bale and going out and waxxing anyone on the road. That dream developed into me wanting to make a Subaru Loyale wagon into a Baja car, just to show up all those damn trucks... The Ford and Chevy guys at school made fun of my idea and it died... Mr. self esteem.

So years went by and I saw a Subaru add that mentioned it winning the manufacture's title somthing like 3 years in a row, it also had some sweet footage of an impreza slipping and slideing down muddy roads. And I was blown away! My dad may have been lying ;) but someone got the gumption to go out and do what he said people did! I had no real idea what rally was still... all I knew is that I wanted to do it, the Baja idea was back. I began to poke around trying to figure out what exactly rally was and how I could enter a v12 powerd Subaru Wagon in it.

Finaly somehow I ended up going to the Maine Forest Rally in 2001 and had a blast... so much that I decided to be a martial in 2002. Then 2003 I couldn't martial so I ended up being a normal spectator being a spectator was no fun this time around. Gone were the days of walking down the stage to find the perfect place before the first car, we were now corralled like sheep into crappy viewing areas where everyone saw the same thing... no more comparing notes with a friend after the stage to see what they saw... you already knew cuz you saw it too. So that pissed me off, but I am over it... mostly.

I am looking forward to the day when I can finaly get a car together and go enter a rally, but untill that day I will have to be satisifyed with back roads bombing and an ocasional rally x or autto x.

Well I am not sure where I was going, so I guess I will turn around and head back because "hay now I know the road!! I can go fast!"

just my $1.27

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