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I'm offering up $100 to the first five drivers that have been NoCoast customers in the past few years in the form of cash at the rally.
So far I see on that list:
Brooks Freehill - Brooks is oldest active customer of mine with over 10 years since he first bought something through me.
Joseph Chiarelli
Jeff Timpe - His car was first Aaron Searle's daily, then my daily, then I caged it and sold it to Jeff. He was also first brake pad customer that wasn't a special order.
Kyle Turner

So assuming those four show up, there's still room for one more! The new shop has a new DBA and the NoCoast name will be shelved but I want to show my appreciation to all my customers over the years personally.

New shop grand opening will be sometime before Idaho but I'll post something special for that around that time.
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