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There is enough Rally Ho's out there now, perhaps we should start a hall of fame?


# of total lifetime rolls?

# of different co-drivers lifetime?

# of years as Rally Ho of the year?

I can think of a few more recent ones, perhaps some of the guys with a little more grey hair can add to the list?

My unofficial list:

John Elkin
Ben Bradly
John Dillon
Uncle Joe
Alan Perry (although, he needs to probably Ho for a few more years first)
Dave Shindle
Alex K (he needs to be able to shave first, but he looks like a future hall of famer to me)
Bill Gutzmann (maybe not very many different drivers, but he knows how to go upside down with the best of them)
Dave Weiman

There are 2-3 ladies that come to mind, but I'm always careful who I call a Ho...

If I've missed anyone... Sorry. I'm sure I'll be corrected.

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Can't believe I'm the first to noinate him but, the Grand Rally Ho Emeritus of all time has got to be Tom Grimshaw- may he rest in peace. My best T.G. memory was the time he stayed a few days at my house before a rally. When asked upon arriving what he liked for breakfast, he replied nothing, just coffee and a cigarette- he was told by the woman of the house there was no coffee in the house and not smoking would be prefferred. The next morning we awoke to find T.G. sitting in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette! No one ever told T.G. what he could or couldn't do!

I agree with the list offerred so far, especially Jimmy and Uncle Joe, but using my rapidly graying hair, I'd like to add the following nominations:
Harry Ward
Doug Shepard - during his co-driver days
Dave Stone
Tom Bell
Jim Mickle
Kim DeMotte
Bob Martin
maybe even myself, though I'm definitely not in the same class as this esteemed group.
I'm sure thare are several more I've forgotten or didn't know-anbody else got any nominations?

Press on,

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Dude, Rallybrats ridden with like 20 drivers this year, and I think EVERY driver under 23.

Lets see if I can remember his tally this year:

Lisa Klassen the Rallye Star (y0, call me back, whats the story i'm lookin good for real?)
Josh Chang
Chickkie with the EVO 8 with no wing
Dude at Rim that withdrew, but then started anyway.
Robin at Maine

Ehh that's all I can remember from this year ?

Rallybrat's a bigtime ho y0, and playa's only 18! holla!

Surrender the Booty.
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>Lisa Klassen the Rallye Star (y0, call me back, whats the
>story i'm lookin good for real?)

Matt, are you hitting on every chikkie you come in contact with? I'm still laughing about what my sister said you told her on the phone. Calm down man, breath. (Wow, I never thought I'd give the advice instead of recieve it)

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>There are 2-3 ladies that come to mind, but I'm always careful
>who I call a Ho...

Trevor you are a North-West guy and you can only think of a FEW ladies who might qualify?

I'll let these ladies speak for themselves.... Ladies we all know what Trevor is saying; Yes? Certainly not that any lady amongst us would qualify as a Ho!! Wish that I could say that of many of the males who managed to make the list...... :p

John Lane
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Every driver under 23 except Travis Pastrana and Jeremy Drislane. Christian keeps trying to keep his impressionable youth away from dirty ho's...whatever...and Jeremy definitely changed his screen name, like 2 years ago.

Dude, TEXREX and Lisa were SOOOO 2004. That brings my driver count down to 5 for the year, a disappointing number even for REAL ho's. Plus, only 2 of those were one-rally stands...

If we manipulate statistics to my advantage properly, you'll see that over the past 2 seasons I've done 15 rallies with 8 drivers...so I average like, 2 events per driver ;) Also, 0 rollovers and 1 DNF...

But yeah, I've had 12 total. I've co-driven for more people than Christian and I'm not even 19 yet...How's that for experience? ;)


P.S. Ain't nothin wrong w/ ho's!

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I hunbly withdraw my nomination. I only run with two....don't want to spread anything! Well there WAS that one night with Dan Cook at Black Forest Stages....but we don't talk ab out that!

Kim DeMotte
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