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3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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From www.iwon.com:

Rally driver killed in Sweden during race
Jan 5, 12:53 PM (ET)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - One driver was killed and another injured when their rally car veered off a road and landed on its roof during a race Sunday.

The accident happened in Haellefors, nearly 100 miles from Stockholm, during the one of the race's first sections.

The two men were co-drivers, police said. Their identities were not released.

A videotape made during the race showed the car hitting a tree, police spokesman Goeran Gunnarsson said. He told the Swedish news agency TT there would be an investigation.

None of the other cars in the race was affected. The race was canceled.

Halley ...

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I found out more from Swedish news sources.

The rally in question was the Bergslagsrallyt, just west of Stockholm.

The co-driver passed away, and the driver has been released from hospital with minor injuries.

- Christian

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"The two men were co-drivers, police said. Their identities were not released."

Not really trying to make humor out of a tragic event but we in the sport know what would happen with two co-drivers in the car!!!!!

I guess, even in a Rally mad country like Sweden, there are some that don't know the technicalities of the sport!!!!


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I had a Swedish friend of mine translate this release from the event website: http://www.bergslagsrallyt.com/

Codriver killed

Bergslagsrallyt was never finished.
The reason being that there was a death during the early part of stage 1 (of 4 planned).
The race was stopped immediately and when word was received of a death, it was cancelled.
One of the codrivers had been killed.
The driver was in deep shock and brought to hospital.The next of kin asked that the deceased's name not
be given out.
The car left the road and collided with a tree. The car hit the tree on the car's right side.
The driver and co driver were very experienced and had driven many races. They were considered very skilled.
Their car was in good mechanical condition prior to the incident.
No explanation as to the cause of the accident has been given yet.
The race organizers safety protocols worked flawlessly and the emergency vehicles, ambulance and rescue, located at the start of the stage immediately left when the next car going through the stage found the crash site and raised the alarm.
Unfortunately the safety measures did not help this time.
There were no spectators at the accident site.
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