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Rally Championship of North America

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I just received this note from an old road racing buddy along with an 800 KB Word document from the FIA.

It sounds like the FIA is officially setting up a Rally Championship of North America. While I don't think all rallies should be FIA (especially at the club level), in my opinion it's good that our chunk of the world has at least some transcontinental international presence.



Veuillez trouver ci-joint, le rapport des décisions du Conseil Mondial de la FIA du 13 décembre 2002, la version française vous sera envoyée sous peu.

* * * *

Dear Sirs,

Please find here enclosed, the report of the decisions of the FIA World Council of December 13th 2002, you will receive the French version shortly.

Here's the beginning of Appendix III of the document.



It is decided that an FIA Rally Championship of North America be created for 2004, made up of events taking place in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

The following candidate events will be observed in 2003:

26 February-2 March Rallye du Québec (CDN)
13-16 March Corona Rally Mexico (MEX)
16-18 May Cherokee Trails International Rally (USA) *
11-12 July Rally Internacional de las 24 Horas (MEX)
12-14 September Wild West International Rally (USA)
23-26 October Rallye International de Charlevoix (CDN)
11-14 December Ramada Express International Rally (USA)

The World Council has given its agreement in principle on the basis of the following sporting regulations which will be observed by all the above candidate rallies in the 2003 Series for inclusion in the 2004 FIA Championship.... (details followed)


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