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1984 Ford F800 - Straight truck chassis with a 26' box. Nose has been updated to something from the mid 90's but the truck is titled as a 1984.

8.2 liter Detroit Diesel with a single turbo and an Allison 4 speed automatic, air brakes, leaf spring suspension with air bag assist in the front. The engine was a reman with about 20k on it when I got it. The engine probably doesn't have over 35k on it now, if that much. Has 2 new batteries and all fluids were serviced before I quit driving it. I could prep it for a cross country voyage if needed before purchase.

The truck drives down the road very nice and it does have air. It's not the smoothest modern truck ride by any stretch and could really use a couple air ride seats in the cab.

Interior has a bench seat in the sleeper area that folds into a bed. The interior could stand to be updated, but it's all there currently. It was built in the 80's and could use a makeover.

The box has barn doors on the rear, fold down ramps and it's a beavertail in the cargo area. Interior is hardwood floors with a 12k winch in the front and an entrance door on each side. There is one cabinet, but no other cabinets or shelving in the box. It has a couple 12 volt lights, air to the rear of the box and is wired for 110. The truck has a box on each side under the sleeper, 3 additional boxes on the passenger side, 2 boxes on the drivers side and a generator box that is wired for power to the interior.

The box needs to have the decals removed, a couple touch ups and then re cleared. Barn doors in the rear need to be painted because the last owner had some graphics painted on them. The peeling in the pictures is clearcoat. Cab of the truck is nice without rust. There is a spot that is peeling where the cab meets the sleeper and needs to be repaired/painted. Nose of the truck is fiberglass. Needs driver side exhaust pipe that is bashed. That's what I get for letting somebody borrow it.

It's a good solid truck that will swallow up all your parts and your car no problem. There is a hitch on the rear and I've hauled 2 cars with it. It doesn't make 400hp like a modern diesel, but it's not a modern diesel price either. It will tow down the road very easily at 70 mph. I would get about 8 mpg with one or two cars, didn't matter. Tow at 60 mph and the mileage would get better. Put a 2 speed rear in it and it would probably even go up more. Wasn't worth it when diesel was $1.75/gallon. Now it probably would pay for itself in a year.

It needs some love, but when it's all shined up it's really a nice looking truck. I've moved on to a motorhome, so it's just sitting now. Hate to see it continue to go unused, so somebody get it out of here.

Here are some more pics... Race Hauler Pics

$12,000 or best offer... I'm open to offers and trades (rally cars, race cars, muscle cars, etc...)

PM here or email [email protected]
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