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Hey everyone

The good folks at Rally-America and over here at specialstage.com have been working on a long term solution to get News, Information, and Results out to the public in a quick and accurate manner. While all of the technical details have not been finalized, we are making really good progress.

Much of what we are doing is in the testing and development stages, but we would like you to know that we are working hard to make the sport available to everyone.

Right now, Rally-America's Data Truck is on-site and beaming up data via their satellite systems to our servers. We have placed a link on the front page of SpecialStage.com to this near live updating and news service. While we can not promise that everything will work smoothly, but we hope that you all enjoy what we are able to present to you.

Please head to our front page and check this out.

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Bob; I was having the same problem.
Step one disabled my fire wall.(that did not work)
Step two went to www.rally-america.com/
directly instead of trying to establish the link thru special stage
That worked.

Its awesome!

Its just like being part of the service crew for someone.
Little tidbits of info. Never enough to fully satisfy your couriousity.
But enough to keep you hooked.

Rally America keep up the great effort. Thank you.

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Wonderful job with the site, guys! Already far and above anything we've had in the past.

Just one complaint so far. Seems the Sno*Drift site is totally relying on you to do the updates. Two hours after the end of day one and we only know the top 7 positions.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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