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Going over the different class Championships for the Western Region and there are some important races going on for overall in class or getting into the top 3 for the Regional Championship at 100AW.

Also it should be noted that Reno does count towards out of Region points as well for those of you in a tight race. This is also a Pacific Rally Group points event.

As you can see there are some who are very serious about their Championships and have all ready entered, there are other entries that are not involved in this Championship that I have not listed.

If you want to beat the price increase please email or call me. It still is only $500 for 2 days and notes are $165.

Reno is a two day event for a total Coef.5

1-Dave Hintz 202 - Entered
2-Jamie Thomas 187 - Entered
3-Tanner Foust 183
4-Cary Wright 145

Group N
1-Fintan McCarthy 122
2-Mark Elduff 94
3-Doug Chernis 54
4-Ralph Kosmides 42 - Entered

1-Dave Hintz 232 - Entered
2-Carey Wright 181
3-Erik Schmidt 106
4-Blake Yoon 102

1-Jamie Thomas 271 - Entered
2-Tanner Foust 208

1-Rick Schmeling 235
2-Pat Harris 152 - Entered
3-Andrew Sutherland 134
4-Roger Hull 104 - Entered
5-Brooks Freehill 104

1-Chip Miller 171
2-James Thompson 126
3-Brian Scott 113
4-Nicholas Thomas 83
5-Nat Stow 78
6-Doug Robinson 62
7-Christian Blakely 61
8-Jimmy Keeney 59
9-Rem Wyatt 55

1-Lou Beck 147
2-MarkTabor 126
3-Robert Greer 124
4-Scott Molvar 87
5-Kris Dahl 85
6-April Smith 70
7-Kristen Tabor 64

David Hackett
Reno Rally Chairman
[email protected]
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