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I just wanted to take the time out to thank Jim Gill for his time and patience to allow me/Widget Rally team, and Rally America to conduct an emergency fund for a good cause to the Hurricane Katrina victims.

Jim auctioned off one of the event banners and let me tell you... Jim has a second job...he has to be an auctioneer! He was rattling off so fast like one of those professional auctineers... "lets start the bidding at $50.00's" and kept going up every $25.00 increments and people were loving how he was doing it.I think everyone was impressed. David Sutton and Ana Goni (co-driver for Stig) were fighting over who was going to get that banner by raising the stakes. there were several others that were going for it but then it got down to one table and between David and Ana there was a bidding fight for the banner and Ana won by bidding $175.00's. She is looking forward to placing it in her home in England. Thank you Ana for all of your help.

David Sutton had all of his team members put in $10.00's in the pot and himself which the final total was $200.00's.

Also, Carl Jardevall and Janice Damito pledged for the entire event to finish all stages and would give $36.00's...well they unfortunately did not finishe. So Janice came over to the table I was sitting at the awards party, and gave me $20.00's to help out; then apologized for not finishing. Now that is a classey professional team...thank you Carl and Janice.

The Widget Rally team pledged $10.00's per stage and final total was $160.00's. Thank you John and Lauchlin...what a great team...I can say that since I manage the team...I know insert finger into mouth. We as a team worked hard to get that third place overall and in Group N at COG. Proud of you guys!!!!

Then George Plsek and Jeff Burmeister won in their class gave their winnings over to the Red Cross...let me tell you Jeff/George...thank you... it does not go unnoticed....

Lastly, from my partners Danny and Eddie who gave $2000.00's to the fund... thanks guys!!!! You are number one in my book.

Some money from other spectators and competitors who drop money into the container. Thank you as well!

So in all, we received close to $3,000's and I am awaiting to see if that amount goes higher with checks coming in payable to the American Red Cross.

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who helped. Eventually, the contributions will be sent with a letter addressed to the American Red Cross from the North American/England rally community that showed we support you in helping out over 300,000 victims of this tradegy.

One more big thank you to JB Niday/Rally America who helped to have stickers made and placed on the supporting rally team and R-A staff member cars. Thank you extension to the R-A staff members for helping as well.

Denise McMahon
Team Manager
Widget Rally Team
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