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MAY 8, 2004
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Knoxville, TN ? Rally Alabama, the scheduled fifth round of the Eastern States Rally Championship [ESRC] has been postponed until either October 2 or October 9, 2004. It has been removed as well from the ESRC schedule due to the new date falling after the Series ending Rally West Virginia.

Organizer John K. Shirley reached this decision after a four hour meeting with USDA ? Forest Service officials from the Talladega National Forest on Friday. ?This was a hard decision to make, but I think it is in the best interest of the development of the Alabama event,? reflected Mr. Shirley. ?The comfort level was just not there, either on our part, or on the Forest Service?s part with 45 days to go prior to its scheduled date. The Forest Service had not even finished its scoping of the event.?

?However, a lot of good came out of the meeting as well,? he continued. ?The Talladega District Ranger will be at Cherokee Trails to observe, the October date takes us out of the summer high-use season, and the event will probably be a lot easier on the competitors temperature-wise. We also discussed a January date for the event for next year?s as well as the following years? ESRC schedules.?

Regarding removal of the event from the ESRC, Mr. Shirley commented, ?That was just as hard a decision. However, the Championship end date had been established long ago with Rally West Virginia over Labor Day weekend, and switching up this late in the game would not be fair to our competitors. It?s the same reason we are announcing on the Alabama event now, 45 days prior to its scheduled date, instead of 30 or 15.?

Regarding the remaining series schedule, Mr. Shirley continued. ?Cherokee Trails is a go next weekend. Maine Forest and Rally West Virginia are 100% goes as well. West Virginia is shaping up to be a huge event. We?ve got 160 miles of special stages over two days. We?ve got backing from the State of West Virginia, the West Virginia Motorsports Council, and the Snowshoe Mountain Resort. We?ve got a NASA hillclimb running at the resort the same weekend, and the hillclimb course will be the final stage of each day for the ralliers, and we?ve got a number of other surprises up our sleeves.?

The next Eastern States Rally Championship event is the Cherokee Trails Rally, round 4 of the series, taking place on May 15, 2004, on the gravel roads of the Cherokee National Forest outside of Cleveland, Tennessee. For more information, visit www.cherokeetrailsrally.com, www.nasarallysport.com, or contact Dr. Kendall Russell of Rally Promotions, LLC at 10406 Lovell Center Dr. Knoxville, TN 37922; Office: (865) 671-1133; E-mail: [email protected].

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>Good. Now I can go on my 25th wedding anniversary trip and
>not miss the event! I want to run it!
Jumpin' jehosaphat Mark, how many times HAVE you been married?

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