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I'm sure Richard will get here soon: in the meantime look for the Rallye de Paris web pages... sorry no linking before coffee. After that, 100 AW starts to look close. There is at least one car in the Houston area running.

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HI JC, there are at least a few of us here in Houston involved with performance rally. Scott Leonard has the running car and Patrick Rodi and I are in the Clear Lake area. All of us are a little south of town. Yes, we have Paris and the next closest RA rally is 100AW. Rally Tennessee is about the same distance (12 hours). I generally work the events and anything further than 12 hours calls for an airplane flight. Drop me a line when you get to town and we can try to get together and talk rally.

Oops, forgot Sara who posted above, is our scrutineeer and is a little further south in Galveston.


Dave Weiman
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I'm starting to work on my WRX. Some day there may be two cars in the area.

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Hurry up its getting thin down here.:)

JC Welcome to Texas if you decide. Got Rally/Cars needed.

Helping Richard get his Mustang engine in, getting six new flywheel bolts for the 510 and we have two cars going again.
All six bolts sheared at once but no other damage at R de Paris.
Rally Cross is in the works down Austin way. (not Euro)

Brad Fast

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Not sure how you guys measure distance down there, but there is one very quick woman not too far away:

Brianne Corn.


press on,
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