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>RallyVW Racing, MotorSportVortex, and TDIClub have teamed up
>to challenge the Production class championship in the 2002
>SCCA ProRally Series. The team is contending in a unique
>rally car, a 2000 VW Golf TDI. With a excellent season
>start the teams limited 2002 schedule will expand to cover
>each event except Oregon Trail. In order to make this
>happen the team needs the rally and VW community behind
>them. A new sponsorship program has been launched to give
>everyone a chance to sponsor a ProRally team. For a small
>donation you will get your name on both the car and the
>website and recieve updates throught the year on the teams
>progress. We hope to fill the car with the names of rally
>and VW fans all over the country and world. For more
>information please check the link below.
>Thanks for your support!
>Jon Hamilton
>#72 2000 Golf TDI
>www.rallyvw.com (Update Soon)

I'm not going to pay to sponsor you since you are not coming to play at my event. :p


P.S. :)
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