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I've wanted to get into racing in some way really bad in the past year or so, but haven't been able to figure out how yet. I figure I am going to start out with autocross, since thats pretty much the cheapest way to start, but Ive been thinking of buying a mk2 VW gti or golf to use it basically for autocross and just as a nice good handling street car. But I have a very strong ambition to rally as well, and previously I thought about building a rally car, but I dont think I'd have the money to do that, and pay for entry fees and tires and such. So now I still have the thought about buying a reaaal cheap mk2 golf or gti to get ready and then use another car as a normal street car, winter ski car, and rally car. This car would have to be comfortable on the street, good in the winter, and good for a few rally crosses each year I think. That way I could get into rally in that way, but not full rally so it'd be streetable. I currently have a 1995 VW golf sport, basically a gti 8v, and I'm rather sick of it. It has a weitec 40 mm suspension kit, magnaflow exhaust, TT cam and adjustable cam gear and chip, neuspeed p flo intake, autotech front upper strut bar, and a few other small mods, and I am really sick of the car. It is not fast, handles alright, but nothing spectacular, and theres just a bunch of small things that I don't like about the car. So I've thought about keeping the current car for a while, mess around with a mk2 if I cant find one, and then save up for a nice street car, like something possibly with awd, but it would all depend on how much I could save. Anyone have any ideas for me? I know I typed a lot and it might not even make sense, but I would love to hear others ideas.

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A common recommendation, and worth repeating, is to buy an inexpensive used rally car already prepared. As for mechanical gear like truck and trailer, you may be able to borrow that stuff or rent from uhaul cheaper than buying, at least initially. I went through my first two years of rallying in a borrowed drivers suit and helmet.

Before investing in anything, I suggest you come out to a couple of events, meet the competitors, get some ideas, and maybe establish some contacts. You may also want to work stages a couple of times to learn the mechanics of time cards and so on. Denise McMahon could use your help at Treeline if you're in SoCal.

Welcome to our sport.... I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do!

John Dillon
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