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I heard an interesting discussion about the effect of
race gas in the top US Open class rally car. I sort of
knew all this but never put it together before. Back at
CT in the spring when the new Sunoco 100 was mandates most
of the top teams had lots of trouble. Overheating, head
gaskets, destroyed motors, etc. Every other car was sick
at any one time. Over the first half of the season many
of the top teams have retuned their motors to handle the new
gas. Adding more gas is simply not effective, you have to
pull some timing and boost to get them to run right, and the
result is substantially less horsepower than last year.
Perhaps as much as 50 HP less in the worst case, I have heard.

This has a couple of interesting implications. One is that
the current open class manufacturer cars are limited by the
fuel and NOT the restrictor size. There are proposals drifting
around to reduce the restrictor size to 34 mm from the current
40 mm. I have supported the smaller restrictors previously.
But I have changed my mind on this. Prodrive would like to
push us towards a super-group N as the top class and ditch the
current Open class standard. Homologated parts are expensive
and have very limited distribution which is highly controlled and
puts money into Prodrive / STI / Ralliart's pockets. The smaller
restrictor is the first step in this direction. No thank you.

The question has been raised, "Are cars now too fast?" Well, most
of them have less power than last year, but are going faster.
So I would say it is the pace notes making the difference.

This impacts the turbo restrictor debate. If notes are safer
AND faster, then and the 40 mm was safe last year, then it
sure as hell is this year with 100 octane.

Consider the pot thoroughly stirred.

Paul T-

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Turbo restrictors

Have turbo restrictors even been measured at tech at SCCA events this year?
I've seen them check at every Canadian National but haven't noticed them doing it in the US (My US ride had been non-turbo).
Run what you want in SCCA, just be sure you have the stickers on straight and add a couple hundred pounds to meet the Open class weight requirement.

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RE: Turbo restrictors

Turbo restrictors are measured at every event. If you were in
Group N or Open you would be aware of it. I believe there was
one car at CT, if memeory is correct, that needed one fitted.
Other than that I think compliance and checking has been very
good. Survielance of restrictors is almost as good as it is
for ballast, log books, and other touchy things, eh?

Paul Timmerman

RE: Turbo restrictors

My buddy wrote:

>I think they should be checked during the event

and I applaud the Series Tech Inspector at Rim who weighed the top ten cars at the Del Sur turn-around stage. I also applaud the teams, all of whom passed (I think.)

RE: Stage Notes

Paul wrote:

>If notes are safer AND faster

I love the stage notes, and think we're faster and safer with them. If we have an off though, it'll be much more dramatic.

We've been giving the stage notes a lot of credit for "less damage" in this year's events. However, we should remember that this year's stage-noted events all have had exceptional weather, much better than in the last couple of years.

How much does good weather improve the percentage of cars that finish? Are we giving the stage notes credit when it's the weather steward who has given us such delight?

No matter which, I look forward to using Stage Notes even more.

John Dillon John @ WidgetRacing.com

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RE: Turbo restrictors

I think the poster would like to see this checked as cars enter service. This would be easy to do. Anyone old enough to remember"The Fifth Fiat" at '74 POR will know why this might be a good idea.

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RE: Turbo restrictors

>Turbo restrictors are measured at every event. If you were
>Group N or Open you would be aware of it.

I've been open for 2 1/2 years, and never once had my restricter checked. They didn't even check during annuals or when logbooking the car. Then again, looking at my stage times, I guess they aren't too concerned.... :)

Dennis Martin
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RE: Turbo restrictors

>I think the poster would like to see this checked as cars
>enter service. This would be easy to do. Anyone old enough
>to remember"The Fifth Fiat" at '74 POR will know why this
>might be a good idea.


I believe that there were only four Fiats at the 1974 POR - three official works entries and the spare works "shadow" car that participated in the event from time to time, while some of the official cars "took a rest" :).

Doug Woods

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RE: Stage Notes

At the last race, there were seals being added onto the roll cage
of selected cars. These seals are tamper proof, and not easy to
replicate. The goal here is to avoid the "5th Fiat". The
manufacturers are on notice that they won't get away with that old
cheat either. Nobody posting to this list was selected,
because we arent rich enough to pull that off.... Those that are
were tagged.

Paul Timmerman

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Only the open class MANUFACTURER entries have to run 100. Everybody else can run what they want as long as its unleaded. 104 is common and 110 is obtainable. Since AV Sport is not a manufacturer, what octane do you suppose they run?
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