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Got a call from Ben Bradley, here are some quick interesting
convention updates:

1, Garrett Mudd(sp?) the Marketing director or manager
anounced that
Sport Compact Car Magazine will print a 2003 Pro Rally Guide.
It will be available in the 03 May issue, as well as from the
SCCA office.

2, SPEED TV expands the coverage of the series for 2003 season going to a full 1hr format, (15 cams per stage)
The shows will air 2 weeks after each event at 11pm EST on Thursdays.
(exeprion is sno*drift, speedTV site lists it in May)

3, Club Region of the year is New England region
Club Program of the year is Mid West Region
Club Event of the year is Colorado Cog rally
Pro Rally of the year is Ojibwe Forest Pro Rally

that is all for now
Thank you Ben Bradley for youe updates!!

-george plsek
the absent PRB member from the convention, (looking for a job :( )

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Interesting...everybody wanted expanded rally coverage on TV...they expand to an hour format with MANY more cameras and a new production company - and nobody comments. It's been two days now...

The ProRally guide will be a big help to organizers, too.

And it's Garrett Mudd, with two D's. You'll like this guy. I've worked with him before, and if he tells you something, it's the truth. He'll spin it for all it's worth, but it'll be true.


15 cams per stage- that's great! Even if it turns out they only mean 15 cams per *event*, that'd still be a huge improvement!

That, plus the hour-long format, really *is* good news! Thanks to whoever's been pulling to make this happen, and to whoever's chosen to spend the money on it! I hope for everyone's sake that it pays off!


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>Interesting...everybody wanted expanded rally coverage on
>TV...they expand to an hour format with MANY more cameras
>and a new production company - and nobody comments. It's
>been two days now...


An interesting observation. Not specific to this topic, but there seems to be a general malaise on the forum lately. Is this just my imagination or are we in the dog days of winter?

Doug Woods

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>this just my imagination or are we in the dog days of

Cooooolld, f-fingers too numb to type!

Better scoring AND better coverage? Awesome. I still don't have Speed channel though...

Nick Polimeni
'71 Volvo 142E (daily driver/RallyCross)
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"On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero..."

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>I can't wait to see how they'll put a negative spin on

How about unwashed still get no coverage because the manufacturers who are floating the bill are hogging all the airtime.

CARS is also increasing their airtime to 1 hour per event this year and promise showing each team in every episode that has committed to more than 5 events. There may be too many teams to do it in the US but something similar should be looked into. There were several teams who ran all of SCCA 2002 and didn't get mentioned once the entire year.
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