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RE: Contacting SCCA's Board of Directors (BOD)


Thanks a ton for your input. I'm not saying I'm against anyone on the PRB as it stands today. I don't even know these people. I'm just trying to understand the organizational hierarchy, and figure out if there are better options.

For example: I've heard that the PRB can make rules changes without notifying anyone beforehand.

Perhaps those in the know can either: Point me to documentation governing how the PRB functions, or at least describe it?

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RE: Contacting SCCA's Board of Directors (BOD)

As far as rule changes go...

There is a process that the BoD requires that the PRB follow which includes "x" days after publication for member comment before the PRB may vote. Those member comments have changed many opinions on the PRB in the past. The BoD beat up on the PRB a couple of years ago when this process was shortcut.

On the other hand, matters which are simply administrative or safety related may be made without member comment... the "trick" is that the PRB NOT abuse this, for example; the PRB could decide that all cars must have blue safety harnesses because some study showed they resisted UV better than any other color (this is completely made up, of course)... Should the PRB change this rule as a purely safety issue, or open it up for member comment?

Finally, there are competitor bulletins. These allow the PRB and PRD to "modify" or clarify the rules between seasons... these are almost always folded into the following year's rulebook as they "die" as rules at the end of the season when issued. For example, the sound test rule this season was a bulletin which will become a rule in 2004.

Hope that helps.

J.B. Niday

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RE: Contacting SCCA's Board of Directors (BOD)

>A lot of things are up for examination within the
>Performance Rally community right now... how the group is
>lead and governed should be a response to the strategic
>direction of all aspects of the sport (ProRally, ClubRally
>and RallyCross). ProRally shouldn't get extraordinary
>attention simply because it has a television program.
>FYI, the PRB is well aware that more members participate in
>ClubRally and RallyCross than in ProRally.


I want to thank you for that statement. That is the kind of communication I, and I think most others, have wanted all along. I have been very vocal about thing I have thought were wrong in the past, but I sincerely believe that you guys do want to do the right thing. In the past that was not made clear (at least not to me) and too many things happened without even a cursory explanation.

I love ProRally, and the factory support, I would like to see more manufacturers get involved (especially G2 and G5) but not at the expense of ClubRally. Thank you for clearly stating that you are looking out for everyone.
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