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WRC - Peugeot signs with Pirelli
Aug-03 2004 / 13:00 CDT

Peugeot Sport has signed a partnership agreement with Pirelli. The Italian tyre manufacturer will supply the 2000, 2001 and 2002 World Championship-winning team for a period of three years beginning January 1st 2005 within the framework of the World Rally Championship.
Peugeot Sport has been won over by the technological arguments put forward by Pirelli, which are supported by the results they have obtained, and will be able to profit from this expertise which until now has been restricted to just one team. The interest of the championship is likely to be enhanced as a result.
Peugeot Sport would like to thank Michelin for its contribution to the many victories and world titles the two firms have won in the course of their many years together.
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