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3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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Anyone know how many ProRally cars have been used for pace car duties at an SCCA Regional/National?


Small Formula Car group that included StudBug's distant cousins - Formula V.


Large Formula Car Group, a.k.a. "Wings & things."


Our illustrious starter ready to split the field.


Heading into the corner 4/5 complex known as the "Compromise Turn" - that's Veronica Lake on the right side of the picture.


The field's nicely aligned as the Pace Car exits at Turn 10.

More shots taken at MiDiv's traditional "Firecracker Grand Prix" at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit can be found here - http://www.realautosport.com/pics/Beetle/FrCrkr04/

I missed snapping pics of the two ground-pounders that coupled and lept atop a tire wall across from us since we were scrambling to ready for the ensuing multi-lap full-course caution period. Pace Car duty ain't rallying or racing, but it's an entertaining enough distraction that's a LOT cheaper to do!

Halley ...
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