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RE: ProRally back on ESPN2-When again?

Not sure when it is on again, but it is worth watching.

I thought the commentary was insightful and well delivered.

Great highlights of PACE notes, in-car the quality of WRC coverage.

The film coverage was very good, but it is of course easier to film one stage than many, many stages.

Higgins frustration in the car was so real, it showed a level of commitment that a true professional rarely exhibits.

It was hard to see Paul's tire going down but it was there, would have loved to seen a clean run for him to make the competition closer.

Was (re) suprised by the seperation of times, most stages at a rally have a closer spread; was it engine tuning, Pikes Peak Pressure, or driver skill/experience really letting it all hang out.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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