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all of the sudden, up was down
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The results are in and there have been some exciting updates in the championship!

Ojibwe results:
Regional Bonus - Eric Iverson with 18 points
2WD - Pretty much everyone got 8 points
SPGT - Bryan Watson, Josh Cagle and Cameron Steely won the category with 3 points. Lowest scoring SPGT round ever?
Overall - 10 people tied for first with 16 points each.
Ojibwe winner - Josh Cagle with 42 points!

There is only one more rally in the ProPicks Championship. Current leaders are...

Regional Champ - Doug Woods by 2 points
2WD Champ - Mason Moyle and I are tied with a close 1 point lead
SPGT Champ - Michael Fennell and Kent Gardam are tied and lead by a point
Overall Champ - Eric Iverson with a commanding 3 point lead
ProPicks Champ - Doug Woods and I have tied for the lead with only the slimmest 1 point margin.


LSPR is in 48 days. Plenty of time to think about your picks. Do you take that risk and hope for the best or is it time to play it safe and bring it home? Either way, good luck!
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