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>Use of the Red Cross should be reserved for incidents in
>which an injury has already occured and medical assistance
>is required ASAP. First car stops and renders assistance,
>second car continues to find the next radio.

This is the usuage as described for procedures for competitors coming across an incident on the stage road for a fellow competitor needing medical assistance ASAP as listed above.

>There are some that say the use of Red Cross at STPR for
>potential spectator hazards, before an accident takes place,
>"waters down" the value of the red cross.

BIG DITTO on this one -- Red cross SHOULD and ALWAYS be reserved for medical/ injury incidents.

I agree, but for
>the moment it was an effective reaction for STPR. In the
>future, though, there must be another system put into place
>and let the red cross remain an emergency sign.

Agree strongly to this statement also - Something DIFFERENT other then a red cross for spectator safety needs to be "evolved" so the need for assistance is clear that it is a spectator safety issue NOT an medical emergency situation. Did the people who put this "plan" in effect realize that it could be misused? Of coarse they did , this suggestion came from "people" other than the organizers of STPR - otherwise how would I in MInnesota know that it was going to be used before it was announced as a bulletin.

Not knowing first hand the complete "thought process" - and pulling out my safety plan from the Minnesota events - I do believe that the procedure of using the "red cross" for competitors on a hot stage was to "see" if the procedure for emergency aid that is in place for stage roads longer than 15 miles could be used in order to cut down response time to an incident involving spectators.

If you attended Headwaters Clubrally this year - we had a stage that was over 15 miles long and drivers at the meeting were informed of the possibilty of a "Red Cross" procedure at mid point of that stage and was to be signified by a cross in the route book at that point.

I wasn't at STPR . (wanting to go - had no place to stay) -didn't get to hear what was said at the mandatory driver's meeting about the new procedure... but here is what the procedure for emergency aid using the LARGE red cross involves:

Quoted directly from Headwaters Clubrally Safety Plan 2003 -

"If emergency vehicles must enter a stage that is open for competition, control workers will first stop rally traffic entering the stage via radio links to allow the emergency vehicles to proceed. In order to cut response time on stage roads longer than 15 miles , an Emergency Services team will be positioned near the midpoint of the stage. In the event of an incident past the midpoint of the stage, with rally cars still approaching from the start of the stage, the Emergency Services team will block the stage at the midpoint IN A SAFE POSITION with emergency lights flashing and displaying a LARGE red cross/ Medical team placard. The Emergency Services team will await the arrival of the next rally car and turn the placard over to the arriving competitor withthe instructions to move to a safe position, turn on their hazard lights, display the placard and STOP ALL rally traffic at that point. The Emergency Services team having completed passing of the placard will begin down the stage to the incident. Additional arriving competitors are to stop IN A SAFE POSITION and turn their hazard lights on , display their red cross and reamin in their cars until informed that ALL competitors on the stage PRIOR TO the midpoint have arrived and come to a complete stop. Competitors will be instructed on this procedure and will have an instruction noting this location placed in the stage guidebook. The routebook will indicate with a cross the medical midpoint and will describe the location with text to the effect of "be prepared to come to a complete stop". Once the remaining rally traffic is stopped, Net Control will advise the stopped traffic through a radio operator on the options they have at that time."

I, for one, will be advocating "STRONGLY" that the use of a red cross to stop a hot stage for spectator safety is given a different icon and to reserve the use of a RED CROSS for ONLY medical emergencies that need me or my co-workers ASAP.

Rally Angel
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