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Hey everyone... so late last summer i made a STUPID snap decision to sell my WRX and buy a STi so i could go Rally racing (I COULD HAVE DONE THAT WITH THE WRX :-[ :eek: :'( ). So i sold it and bought the first STi i liked through JDM connection... i picked it up in Edmonton and drove it a few hours north and the minute i pull into town (under load) i hear a snap bang and i dnno what else... i figure the timing belt hadnt been changed and it skipped and bang.. there you have it... blown engine...

i figured it wasn't such a big deal either i would be able to make it a project over winter (which needed to be done anyway if i was going to race) or i could use the opportunity to drop a newer engine it it from a newer Canadian STi. well things change and so do priorities.. I need to sell this car and make other things happen in my life before i blow all my money on racing lol

I know im taking big loss but not compared to the losses taken in racing lol. let my loss be your gain!

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