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Profound Phylosophy:

A young man traveling around Southern Europe came upon a little village one day. As he was walking on a hill full of trees with a lush green turf beneath them he could not help but to notice that there where many white stones scattered throughout the hill.

He walked over to one and he noticed an inscription which said: "Aldo Rossi: 5 years, 8 months & 3 days". He realized this was not a random stone but someone?s actual head stone, he felt sad that a kid had died at such early age when he noticed another white rock not too far from where he stood with another inscription: Carlos Abel: 7 years, 2 months, 17 days.

He looked at many other rocks and realized that all had inscriptions and that in fact this was not an ordinary hill but an actual cemetery.

What struck the young man the most was that the longest any of these people buried here lived no more than 9 years and some months, except for one who?s head stone read; Mario Castelli: 26 years, 8 months, 12 days.

He got really depressed and started to wonder what kind of horrible and sad affliction or disease was affecting this small village that had so many people die so young.

At that moment the ground?s keeper walked by and seeing that the young man was not a familiar face from the village, asked him why he looked so sad and if he had a loved one buried in this place. The young man replied "no, I am just so sad to see so many young people buried here, has this village suffered a terrible illness or accident?"

The keeper said: No, my friend, you see in our village we have a very old tradition; every child gets a special pocket book at a very early age. In that book he or she writes the duration of every happy moment in his or her life and besides it what that moment was: like when he meet his first girlfriend, his first kiss, the times he and his friends got together for a trip to the mountains or the beach, the wedding day, the birth of his children, a good game of soccer with friends, a holiday trip, etc, etc. When he dies the family ads all those months, days and hours in his book: We believe; "that, is how long that person experienced life for"

The young man astonished on how profound this was, still had to ask what was the story behind the guy that had over 26 years of real life added up.

The ground?s keeper answered: "Oh, Mario, yes!..., well you see; a lot of race car drivers have come out of our little village, even people that moved to America and drove Indy cars, drag racers, Stock cars, etc."

The young man puzzled asked: "yes, but I only see this Mario guy with a longer life experience, where are the rest?"

The ground?s keeper said: "Ohh, they are all there... it?s just that Mario was the only Rally driver to come out of our village"

Rally: "The most fun for your racing dollar"

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