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Preliminary schedule information and lodging info is up on www.100aw.org .

The CRNC weekend will consist of two events. Trespassers Wil C(2) will run Friday afternoon February 21st looping out of Ellington, and 100 Acre Wood will run Saturday February 22nd out of Salem. Most HQ type stuff will take place in Salem, 'tho some registration and tech will be available in Ellington Friday Morning.

Registration will open shortly after January 1st, and we will hold registration open for CRNC and Historic class entries only through January 11th. After that, open registration will be first come, first served. Non CRNCers/Hers may submit entries and we will place them in the field in order of receipt. We are currently holding at 60 slots until we have a better handle on logistics. That may (but no guarantees) increase to 70.

Entry fee and registraion information, Supps, etc. will be up by Mid-December. Expect $175 for TW and $350 for 100AW. No increase from last year. But no break for both of them either!

Divisional ClubRally Stewards please take note.....declare your invitees ASAP!

See you in Salem....the middle of EVERYwhere!

Kim DeMotte
Official Old Fart, etc. and head Pooh
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