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Morison Communications Launches Rally Promotion Services

Dec 18, 2002 ? Calgary, Alberta Canada

Rallysport is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world, and is growing its fan base by leaps and bounds in North America. As the sport grows in popularity, the need to satisfy the public?s hunger for timely information, results, and images becomes more important.
Morison Communications is pleased to offer Public and Media Relations services to rally events, teams and organizations. With over a decade of experience as a photojournalist, Keith Morison can get distinctive images of and information about your team, event, or series out to the public in a timely and professional fashion.
From pre-event press releases to photos and comments posted to a website DURING the events, we can help get the information to a place were your fans and followers will turn to for information.
Over a decade in the media gives us the ability to anticipate and meet the needs of the media. We can use this knowledge in the preparation of media guides. Through reviewing the route and stage schedules, we can create a media plan to help news outlets cover the event as efficiently as possible. Our first Guide was for the 2002 Rocky Mountain Rally, and it was well received.
Beyond being a service to rally fans everywhere, a well executed media / PR strategy will be a big value to your team, event or series sponsors. Morison Communications can ensure that sponsor logos are incorporated into page designs to maximize their exposure.

Please take the time to visit our webpage at www.morisoncom.com or contact me directly with any questions. Morison Communications is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada and we are able to travel the globe and provide on site services.

For information contact:

Keith Morison
Morison Communications
[email protected]
r) 403.282.0837
c) 403.510.5689
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