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The LOOP is on!

The loop, one of the oldest navex rallies in Canada has been saved from the fire and will be run on the new date of Oct. 26th.
The event is an overnight event that will be approximately 600Km long, and will be run in three legs, stopping at a 24 hour gas station and restaurant. Each leg will be divided into transit and regularity stages. Transit stages will allow adequate time to complete the stage well within the speed limits. Regularity stages give a specific average speed which will be below the posted speed limit, that the cars must adhere to. Regularity timing controls are placed at unannounced locations, and scoring is done based on early/late arrival at these positions. Cars may not slow down excessively on seeing a control point. Competitors are not required to stop at a control point.
Much of the rally will be run in Gravel roads, so tire choice and car preparation should be made accordingly. The weather in Alberta is unpredictable, so teams should be prepared or snow and cold conditions.
Instructions for the event will be straightforward tulip diagrams. Maps will also be provided. The working distance of the instructions will be kilometers.
RECCOMENDED safety equipment includes a warning triangle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, space blankets for each person in the car.
Auxiliary lights must be able to be operated independently of the car?s headlights.

Novice: Neither crew member has finished a total of 5 navigational rallies before the current competition year, or where neither crew member has won the regional novice championship

Officials of the Event
Organisers: [email protected]
Shawn Bishop ([email protected])
Keith Morison ([email protected])

Keith Morison [email protected]
1621 7th St. NW
Calgary AB T2M 3H7
Make cheques payable to: Calgary Sports Car Club

October 18 - Early registration closes
October 23 ? preliminary start order assigned
October 26
The rally starts at the CSCC Clubhouse 4215 - 80th Avenue NE.
2:00pm - Registration and Tech opens
4:00pm ? Novice Drivers meeting
4:45pm ? Drivers meeting
5:20pm ? Course opening car starts
5:31pm ? Car 1 starts
October 27
4:30am ? Car 1 finishes

$50 CARS affiliated club members, $65 non members early registration
$65 CARS affiliated club members, $80 non members late registration.

To enter, volunteer, or with any other inquiries, please contact the organizers at [email protected]
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