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Makita Bighorn Rally ? May 18, 2003
For Immediate Release
Tom McGeer takes first at Bighorn Rally

Edson Ab ?
After two days of a hard fought battle with the leaders separated by only seconds, Subaru Rally Team Canada driver Tom McGeer and his new co-driver Howard Davies from Wales climbed to the top to with the 2003 Makita Bighorn Rally. McGeer?s team mate Pat Richard had a tire delaminate, causing other damage that bright his race to an end. Richard?s misfortune left McGeer and with the task of keeping their noses clean and staying ahead of Second Place Andrew Comrie-Picard to bring home first place in their 2002 WRX.
?It was a great battle. I?m really sad that pat went out because it was really nip and tuck,? said McGeer.
Second place finisher Andrew Comrie Picard was in the battle for the lead with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4 until he ran into brake problems, but McGeer remained confident he would have been able to hold off both of the drivers even if they had remained healthy.
?I think we would have prevailed with a bit of luck,?noted McGeer, ?but it would have been close. All day today, when Pat was running, the differences were two seconds here and two seconds there ? that?s what racing is all about.?
In the end McGeer lead Comrie-Picard by 38 seconds
?It became this battle between Tom and Pat and I that fell apart when Pat went out and I had a brake failure.? Said Comrie-Picard, echoing McGeer;s love of the fight.
?It?s great to also be second in the championship. Behind Tom. If we get a couple more good results in the west we can really solidify our position in the series.
The roads used are mostly logging and oil roads, which leaves them fairly open and straight, and the fastest event in the Canadian Championship.
?It?s fast,? Comrie-Picard said, ?It?s got a lot of fifth gear sweepers, flat out 170 Km/h and sideways.?
?These roads put a premium on horse power, and we just happen to have lots of that.? Said third place finisher Janusz Komorowski of Calgary, Alberta who found himself on the podium at a national event for the first time.


Final results ? overall
1 Tom MCGEER /Howard Davies
(open) Subaru 1:37:09

2 Andrew Comrie-Picard / Marc Goldfarb
(open) Mitsubishi 1:37:48

3 Janusz Komorowski Jr. / Malcolm Swan
(open) Mitsubishi 1:44:28

4 Randy Zimmer / Russell Strate Jr.
(open) Subaru 1:48.56

5 Scott Trinder/ Brian Wende
(production 4) Subaru 1:50:08

6 Gord Olsen / Dave Shindle
(Group 2) Volkswagon 1:51:32

7 Maciej Ogrocki / Danuta Ogrocki
(production 4) Subaru 1:51:44

8 Peter Hill / Dave Sharp
(Group 2) Toyota 1:57:16

9 Steven Barnes / Melanie Kelly
(open) Audi 1:58:42

10 Michel Monette/Chris Monette
(production 2) Toyota 1:58:07

Photographs of the winners are available at:
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