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Okay, so this does not have to do with production at all, but...

There seem to be a few comments on how to deal with the heat created in the power steering. This brings up the question of how to not create the heat in the first place.

First observation: If I understand correctly, the pump makes almost full pressure near idle (for parking lot use), and if you spin the pump faster, that just causes more flow through by-pass holes, etc., resulting in more friction in the system, which is more heat and power.

Second observation: Rally, idle, and parking lot speeds are difficult concepts to use in the same sentence.

Has anyone tried underdriving their power steering? I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this would decrease fluid temp, and decrease power lost to the power steering, without having to add a cooler of any form.

The tradeoff is that the power steering would not have full boost until 2000 RPM or 3000 RPM or whatever. But...is that really a problem? Didn't some manufaturesr make systems like this and call them power "assist" ?

Matthew McLaughlin
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