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First of all,

Thanks to the organizers of Rally Colorado for generously hosting the Colorado Rally Cup at their organizer meeting tonight. It was great to get everybody up to date and let them know what the CRC has going on, we are really excited for Rally Colorado!

Three things came out of the meeting that are relevant to you, our CRC competitors.
1) There will be some additions and slight changes to the overall event schedule. Start checking the website as those changes should be available relatively soon. There are some very interesting things for many of the competitors that will be happening in 2008!

2) We have begun to finalize the plans to provide some financial incentive(s) to help Colorado Rally Cup teams be able to get to Rally Colorado. The only thing that is set in stone is that there will be a/some financial incentive(s) in place, what and to what extent is not finalized right now. We are announcing this without full details because there will be some qualifications to be eligible. Right now the requirements are that to receive any of the financial incentive(s) you will have to have entered at least two CRC events, with one of them being a Hill Climb to be eligible for anything for Rally Colorado. Once we finalize what we are working on we will make another announcement outlining what will be available and any other requirements or restrictions that may or may not be required. So no details other than get to at least two events and you will be eligible for something to reduce the final cost of entry to Rally Colorado.

3) We discussed those of you that have cars that conform to the safety regulations of Rally America but may not be eligible to drive your vehicles. We have asked the Rally Colorado organizers to assist us in petitioning Rally America to consider giving you provisional licenses and exemptions. To that end it is a Rally America call and nobody but Rally America can make that decision (the Organizers can only play the hand they are dealt, they want to help get more cars into the event but they can't change the rules or the insurance situation). If you do not have a Rally America license that allows you to run your current vehicle and you are not running a Group 2 or Production car, you need to start working on your exemption request/proposal now.

The Colorado Rally Cup will be glad to help you work on your proposal to ensure that you are making the best (and most accurate) case for your circumstances but it needs to be you that takes it to Rally America. I can't re-emphasize enough that this is something that competitors have to do. The CRC and Rally Colorado cannot make your case for you or make the decision. Both organizations want to help as best we can but please, start working on this now so that any extra criteria Rally America may or may not require can be taken care of BEFORE the event.

Again, we would like to than the Rally Colorado organizers for having us at the meeting and giving us their valuable time. We are very excited for what was discusses as well as for the event! We are hoping to make this the most popular as well as best Rally Colorado ever!
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