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To all NE yokels in rallying:

I had an informal chat and mention from a certain very famous rally guy up in VT today, to the effect that he wanted to help encourage more folks to enter Cherokee Trails. The CT field is miiiighty thin right now.....

One idea is that this certain famous rally guy's team might be willing to hook up a 2 car trailer and tow someone else's car from the NYC, Phillie, or DC area down to CT and back, in addition to their own car. I think the conditions are that it is not a set in stone offer right now, and it would have to be for someone not on the entry list as of April 26. And, first come, first served.

I have no clue about servicing under those conditions, but if you do not have too many parts, we will offer to let you service from our truck. (No, not Ole Blue; we have a nice new truck that you won't be ashamed to be seen with....)

If you have been waffling over entering CT, and this would help out, you might want to contact that certain very famous rally guy. His outfit is Liberal Rallying or Liberate Racing or sumthin' like that.... no, I didn't send you, and I didn't write this post!

This same famous rally guy has arranged for a $100 entry fee discount to the Maine Summer Rally for those who enter and start CT. A pretty decent offer.

And in addition, if you have not entered CT, please consider doing so. This is particularly a good deal for Seed 7 drivers; the field is open to seed 7 now, and you will get a very good, long event under your belt for experience.

I shouldn't be an alarmist, but CT may possibly be at risk for the future. I know this is late, and Sawmill, STPR, and other events are crowded around it, but entering CT this year will help see that it survives for your future entry. Hey, it's 3 weeks from CT to STPR; we can all re-build a car in that time right???

This message is totally unsolicited and unauthoriazed by anyone else; it's my own silly idea to try to help out. So if they disavow any knowledge of my actions by posting this, they are right!

Mark B. :)

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Hey Mark, my brother Jeremy is entered in CT as a codriver for Eric Langbein. I am currently out in Colorado but as soon as finals are over on May 11th I will be driving straight through to Tennessee for the event. I have not had the time to look for the event details and information. Is there someone I should talk to in order to work the event? I would imagine they need help during the week leading up to the rally.....I will be busy crewing on friday and saturday.

See you there

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>service from our truck. (No, not Ole Blue; we have a nice
>new truck that you won't be ashamed to be seen with....)

Please, tell me its not true! One ride in a new truck and you just cast it aside? Next thing I know you'll be replacing the Starion with an Evo!:)

Unfortunately, my car is out here in Arizona with me, and it is still recovering from Reno, so CT is out of the question.

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