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Hi all,

We've been running a portland-seattle-portland route almost weekly now for about a year for our own purposes. I'm thinking of providing transportation services to the rally community (read, reasonable price!) My goal is to pay for our fuel, not to make a business out of this. Usually we go on either a Thursday or Friday, leaving 5-6am and return around 6pm the same day.

We have a Freightliner FL60 with 19' box and lift gate.

Here's the basic "requirements"
1. Drop off and pick up at or near our stops. We can go out of the way, but that would cost additional depending on the distance from our normal route.
2. No loose dirty items. Dirty items need to be boxed.
3. No, we won't put your Mini Cooper/VW or similar inside the truck, don't ask! :)

Flat rate pricing but will obviously depend on route and item size. Weight is not a concern within reason. If you're interested, send me an email direct to mika at lepisto dot com.

Mika Lepisto

Left seat and not British!
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Hey, Mike hauled my daughter's stuff from St. Louis out to Portland for me......(I don't think he wants to make THAT trip again)when he bought this truck. Nice guy to work with. Sure would make engine swapping, tranny swapping, etc. easy.

Kim DeMotte
Official Old Fart, etc.
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