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Tulip and numeric book?

Do you mean a descriptive set of notes as well as a numeric set of notes by chance? Or are you talking about that whole merging of the route book with the course notes thing?

I use the descriptive course notes and would be very unhappy indeed if they went away next year.


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RE: Tulip and numeric book?

I would have to assume that the above poll was ment to be between numeric and descriptive stage notes. With that in mind, I would highly recommend that both styles be kept available. Remember that it is what the Driver wants to hear.

I myself used descriptive this weekend and found no issues or problems with the presentation or delivery of the information to my driver.

IMHO, both systems have a place in rally. Unless the orders reflected a 100% and only 100% take rate of one style or the other, cost not involved, I would continue to make both systems available.

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