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Our Evo was broken into in the sponsor-dealer's lot in Kitchener, Ontario last night, Sunday 14 Sept. Stolen were:

1. Autronic plug-and-play ECU in Evo IV box
2. Coralba C-Giant
3. Peltor FMT-200
4. Evo IV Rear wing painted red and silver, with "SCN" stickers on the sides.
5. ATL fuel guage and a boost guage, on a carbon fiber panel with some switches.
6. Some sections of the harnesses, apparently.

On all the electronics the harnesses were cut so the plugs should be attached but with only very short wires.

If you are offered any of these things that may have been stolen please let me know.

Looks ilke a season-ending loss, financially.

Best, ACP
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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