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Long time rally organizer, John Nagel, has had a turn for the worse and is now in a nursing home. Many of you saw him at the start of Wild West he has been battling diabetes for some time.

So please take a minute and send an old rally guy a card. Whether you know him or not, I am sure it would brighten his day. Cards can be sent to:
John Nagel
Pinehurst Park Terrace
2818 NE 145th st.
Seattle WA 98155
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Thank you to those who have sent cards already please keep it up :)
- Glad to do so...
- John was - and has been - the only one who has made rally BIG in the US... all others are still trying.....
- Get well, big boy!
Topi Hynynen
PS. Memories at the WRC Olympus: "If you speed one more time at the 30 MPH zone I'll kick you ass outta my rally!" - that's what John said to me - and it worked! No more speeding...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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