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I still need to hear from the following teams. I need weights AND displacements. This is to Score Group F at the Sno and Drift rallies as well as create a database. Sorry about the lame formatting.

Pritchard DeMotte 592 90 Volkswagon Golf
Burmeister Shindle 42 03 Mazda Protégé
Jankowski Nowak 53 01 Dodge Neon
Himes Himes 535 92 Nissan Sentra SER
Sanford Sanford 590 89 Chevrolet Cavalier
Dondlinger Parps 562 94 Nissan Sentra SER
Seidel Iverson 690 88 Volkswagon Golf
Merbach Feldt 543 90 Volkswagon Jetta
Halley Rounds 86 99 Volkswagon New Beetle
A. Burmeister Gardham 524 88 Volkswagon Golf
Rosendale Oppelt 976 87 Volkswagon Golf
Johnston Kihurani 587 92 Honda Civic
Mozer Efting 617 87 Alfa Romeo Milano
Pruzycki Pierce 624 79 Ford Fiesta
Fairbanks Greenhouse 200 81 Volkswagon Rabbit
Hascher Rhoades 598 93 Honda Prelude
Adamson Takkunen 628 98 Saturn SL2
Bushore Bushore 548 85 Volkswagon Jetta

Email me [email protected] or respond to this thread NO LATER THAN THURSDAY FEB 3 4:00 p.m. CST or you will be the sauna biotch and have to fetch the water and stoke the fire and throw the steam and sit on the lowest girly man bench (even lower than the kids bench) and make sure no one leaves the door open (lets heat out) when they run out screaming in pain after Scrap Iron throws steam.

We (B/B) didn't get weighed there. It was too cold to want to open the door a second time.

I'm under 2L and I'm between 2350 and 2500 lbs.

Post event, I'd dropped some weight, but I think that was mainly due to ripping the suspension off :)

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I didn't get weighed either. In 2002 I weighed 2837 with no light pod and a half tank of gas. I have more recent setup sheets, but not here with me today. Since then I have lost a steel hood for a lightweight carbon, but have gained F&R anti-roll bars, a diag. cage bar, and a larger sump.

I'm sure I weigh at least that much today.


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#524 (A. Burmeister/Gardam) did not bother to get weighed at tech since we were only running on Saturday and I believed you were basing the Group F awards on the results of both days' stages.

Kent Gardam
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