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From the RDG press release to promote the Tall Pines Rally:

"The Rally of the Tall Pines marks the conclusion of the marketing and broadcast agreement between Rally Development Group (RDG) and CARS (Canadian Association of Rallysport) for the Canadian Rally Championship. As RDG found the agreement changes required by CARS unacceptable, their five-year agreement, scheduled to expire at the end of 2008, was terminated by CARS.
"The Canadian Rally Championship is broadcast nationwide in prime time on Rogers Sportsnet and RDS and is the only Canadian motorsport series receiving exposure of this prominence. The complete TV schedule is available at www.CRC-Rally.com."

Firstly, taking this public in this fashion, let alone as they did with Inside Track, at this time does nothing to promote the Canadian Championship's future, and shows a real lack of class on RDG's part. They have to remember that they are still acting as spokespeople for the championship .. this is not their soapbox to stand on.

Secondly, regarding the prominence of the TV exposure, I'd wager significant money that both CASCAR and the Canadian Superbike Championship have equal or better broadcast coverage than the Canadian Rally Championship does ... Hell, I've even seen local (calgary) motocross races on SPEED!
(Canadian Superbike Championship has 8 - 30 min shows from 6 events on 3 networks, maybe not 'prime time' but they aren't fighting against people's favorite shows either)

Just because they say it doesn't make it true ...
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