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Taken directly from Rally-live.com from Mitsubishi USA's press release:

David said : "After the front diff broke we carried on with no throttle at about 5mph just to reach the finish and to gain some points. After the race it was discovered that the regulations hadn't been changed from last year like they were supposed to have been and no points were awarded in the overall manufacturer and overall driver categories - so that was a spot of luck !"

Who in the what? Any care to clarify?

Laughing my fool head off at the SCCA if this is the case........


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Yes, Open and GpN points were each awarded in all three categories: driver, co-driver, and manufacturer.

Overall points were not awarded, for the reason stated. I think Mitsubishi is quite pleased to have somewhat wasted Higgins' 1/2 hour drive to the top! But Subaru finally got some real points in Open.

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Points is points

Even though Higgins didn't win, he still earned a few points.

Lauchlin and Christian picked up a point too just for starting.

Wonder if David's car was so bad that he couldn't give Lauchlin a tow, or maybe Lauchlin's car was too badly damaged? That would have handed over at least a couple more points to the red team.


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RE: Points is points

>Wonder if David's car was so bad that he couldn't give
>Lauchlin a tow, or maybe Lauchlin's car was too badly

Given the nature of David's problems, we thought it unwise to attempt a tow. We judged it better to have one car finish than to risk the possibility of both stranded so close to the finish.

>John Dillon

- Christian

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