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The event organizers have arranged to have an official event photographer (we will actually be utilizing 3) for both the Colorado Middle Cog Club Rally and the Colorado Cog Pro Rally. Part of what this means to competitors is that we will have multiple shots of every car (as long as you complete stage one there should be atleast one photo of your car), including the oft overlooked competitors in the middle of the pack and in the back of the pack.

As part of this arrangement we will be at the awards banquet with the day, or for the pro entrants, days photos for your viewing and purchase. We will offer CDs with the 4 or 6 megapixel photos and various enlargements for you to have and take with you that night (yes thats right no waiting).

For those of you interested in photos but don't have the time to hang around and take a look or don't want to tap into that beer fund for a photo we will have a sign up sheet to e-mail smaller resolution proofs to you from. We would highly encourage competitors to take care of any purchases while at the event however, we do understand that not everybody that will want a photo can and we will do our best to accomodate you.

PS Jim if you deem this not appropriate for the USA forum move if you see fit, we would just like to reach the largest number of competitors with this information.
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