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Below is the text of a letter I just sent to

[email protected] and to [email protected]

I am starting to get mad and I'm not going to take it any more. We will have changes. This is our CLUB, it's time the PRB understood they are working for US. Please follow up by swamping these people with your notes. Even if you agree with the rule - send in your opinion.

I wish to put before the PRB the proposal to repeal the restrictor rule as it applies to the PGT class in Club Rally and Pro Rally. The following logic is the basis for this request:

1) The Production classes do not allow for the removal of weight from the car. This by itself is a performance restrictor.

2) The Production classes are intended to allow essentially stock vehicles to compete on the merits built-in by the manufacturer of the given vehicle. No manufacturer intentionally restricts air inlet size in an attempt to reduce performance.

3) The Production classes are intended to allow teams a chance to compete at a more cost effective manner than are typical of the Open classes. Rules limit permitted performance enhancing modifications therefore letting the teams concentrate on durability and reliability. By "simply" installing the mandatory safety equipment, most any car can be legally entered in performance rallies.

4) Engine life and reliability can be adversely effected by installing an inlet restrictor on an engine that is not tuned for it. This is counter to the simple and cost effective concept encouraged by the Production classes.

5) Cars forced to run with choked-off inlet restrictors are no longer enjoyable to drive. Most rally competitors in this country are in the sport to have fun and enjoy the driving experience. A good part of the fun and enjoyment is being taken from them by this pointless rule.

I will be taking this proposal to all of the rallies I attend. I will be forwarding this proposal to all of my friends in the rally community and urging them to offer their input on this matter. This rule is not in the best interest of the sport or its competitors. I ask that this rule be repealed immediately.

Thank you,

Scott Harvey, Jr.
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I think its there so guys like Ross don't embarrass the big boyz.

They can't have $5k cars even 'threatening' the MitsoScoobies or it would just not look good on TV. Not that Ross would get any coverage (outside Canada)

Matt Manspeaker
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I raced a 323 Mazda last year with restrictor and it didn't do much to the hp. Now I have WRX and the restrictor kill the engine. The restrictor doesn't affect every car the same way. And now the 323 is to old to race in PGT.
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