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Hi Everyone!

As many of you already know, we do not have WRC coverage this year. SpeedTV has not communicated anything regarding this matter, essentially leaving us hanging. There is a petition through which we can make our feelings felt. I signed it earlier this afternoon, #195, and now there are over 400 signitures. Whether this will help, I'm not sure, but it might be worth getting as many signitures as possible. I'm attaching the link below.



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Over 12,000 signatures! Keep it up!

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Apparently someone forwarded the note I sent a bunch of my gearhead friends because I got a note from a chopper shop owner somewhere. In case you're really bored I'll share his stuff and my response here:

--- [email protected] wrote:

> Some of us like those shows and they help the
> industry that they pertain to.

Clearly somone must like Speed's "reality" shows or they wouldn't keep showing them, but since 12,000 of us (and counting) who have already signed the petition are entitled to our opinion we are letting Speed know there IS a strong contingent interested in something other than roundy-rounders, chrome and fancy paint.

> I am in the car audio business and I build
> custom choppers and I am
> also a personal friend of Rick Fairless.

OK. So?

> You are barking up the wrong tree
> here.

I spent the extra money a few years ago for both digital cable and the package that included Speedvision because they offered motorsport coverage no one else in the country did. Over the past couple of seasons Speed's offerings have moved away from a diversity of motorsport competitions to tons of NASCAR and various forms of bling-bling. No group of fanatics, regardless of their taste in television programming, is going to stem the tide of NASCAR on that channel so we're all left hoping the remaining time slots offer something we like. We motorsport enthusiasts are doing what we can to let Speed know that they risk losing tens of thousands of subscribers if the current trend continues. You are welcome to begin your own petition in support of non-speed, non-competition programming if you like. Shoot, I'll even promise not to harrass you for expressing your opinion.

> Why don't you start a petition for the
> discovery channel because
> they have cancelled American Chopper, BIker
> Build-off series and Southern
> Chopper shows because "they don't want to be known
> as the motorcycle
> channel".

That's easy to answer! I could care less how many show bike or other form-before-function programs the Discovery Channel airs. I have regularly watched and enjoyed most of the programs you mention but since I've neither paid extra for TDC nor had any programs about which I am a fervent viewer replaced by shows totally out of keeping with the Discovery's typical offerings I have no reason to take up such a cause.

We simply want speed back in SPEED's offerings.

> Americans are not going to watch rally,
> They can't focus on
> anything other than a nightly soap style government
> propaganda pieces.

That may well be. I'm not delusional enough to think that rallying will ever approach the popularity here that the sport enjoys in the rest of the world, but I'll gladly point out when SPEED's schedule strays from the assertions made on http://getspeed.cablesource.net, "SPEED CHANNEL is the exclusive U.S. cable home for many of the top motor sports series in the world."

> Fight the New World Order or big government....
> Leave these shows alone!

Tell Speed that, not me. I don't watch the shows you defend by simple choice but I and many thousands of others will be UNABLE to watch them if we end our access to Speed.

I guess there's just no accounting for taste! ;-)

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Speed reply ?

So lots of us have signed.

Any response/feedback/action from SpeedTV yet?

Anyone have a contact there?

I need my fix.

press on,

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RE: Speed reply ?

Hi Everyone!

The pulled the following quote from a SpeedTV forum that I've been looking at regarding WRC coverage. Maybe there is still hope that we will have coverage.


Hi Claude,

In Felipe�s absence today, I would just like to advise that there is currently no WRC coverage in the US but we hope to finalise discussions as soon as possible.

Many thanks and kind regards,


Ellie Storey
Communications Advisor
International Sportsworld Communicators Ltd.
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[email protected]
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